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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Bible?

A collection of 66 books written by about 40 authors covering historical and prophetic events.

Who wrote the Bible?

People who were God's agents on earth. They wrote what God wanted them to write. (2 Timothy 3 v 16; 2 Peter 1 v 20-21)

Why should I believe the Bible?

It has a message from God for everyone who wants to live forever. (2 Timothy 3 v 14-15; 1 John 2 v 17)

What does the Bible say about living a Christian life?

Do good to all. Love one another. Love God. (Matthew 22 v 35-39; Romans 13 v 8-9)

What does the Bible say about being baptised?

Baptism is someone stating that they believe the Bible message, followed by a complete submersion under water. The Bible says you must be baptised if you want to live forever. (Mark 16 v 15-16; Romans 6 v 4)

What does the Bible say about what God wants us to do?

God wants everyone to believe in His existence, read about and follow the guidance provided in the Bible, and be baptised. (Hebrews 11 v 6; Micah 6 v 8; 1 John 5 v 3)

What does the Bible say about God?

God is supreme, and there is no other God. God is the creator of everything in the universe. The Bible is God's book. (Isaiah 45 v 18; Deuteronomy 32 v 39)

What does the Bible say about being saved?

God wants everyone to be saved. (1 Timothy 2 v 3-4; 2 Peter 3 v 9; Matthew 18 v 10-14)

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